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作 ハンク・ブルース&トミ・ジル・フォーク
絵・翻訳 こまつみほ 編集 こまつはなえ
<“Miracle of The Moringa Tree”日本語翻訳版>
ケニアの小さな村に住んでいる、アマリと、弟のンジェマは村の飢饉を救うため、ふたりで旅に出ます。 そこで出会ったのは、これまでに見たことがないほど、みにくいぶかっこうな木でした。 しかしその木は世界最強の栄養を持つモリンガの木だったのです。 モリンガは一体どんな木なのでしょうか、ふたりの姉弟は村を救うことができるのでしょうか…。
私たちの世界で、栄養失調によって多くの人が苦しみ、亡くなっていることが問題なのは、みなさんご存知でしょう。 栄養失調率のもっとも高い国々があります。驚くべきことにモリンガは……まさにその場所で育つのです。

Miracle of the Moringa Tree (Amazonで購入)

by Hank Bruce & Tomi Jill Folk 
Illustrated by Miho Komatsu


  Have you eaten tree leaves before? Or used seeds to make water safe to drink? Come along with two children as a Moringa Tree helps them become true Hunger Heroes. When a remote village is in great danger because of hunger and thirst, a wise elder points the children to the solution. Off they go. They discover the Moringa Tree, and learn all of its miraculous properties. Join them as Hunger Heroes, grow your own Moringa trees, and spread the word about this very real tree that is saving lives where hunger is the greatest.

Children's Peace Garden (Amazonで購入)

by Hank Bruce & Tomi Jill Folk 
Illustrated by Miho Komatsu


  This book was created to help children, families and communities find constructive ways to respond to conflict, prejudice, bullying, violence and ignorance. The hope is that schools and communities around the world will use the garden as a safe place to begin discussions on how to respond to these problems in a positive way. In this fictional story Beth and her friends find ways to celebrate the diversity in their school and neighborhood when they turn a rat infested vacant lot into a place where the the community can celebrate its history and its future. In this garden everyone shares the flowers, food, music and stories that define their basic heritages. The harvest is knowledge learned from each other, and this can be an adventure. It can also be a way to cultivate peace. Perhaps this little book will inspire schools and communities to make children's peace gardens a reality around the world.


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